Our Purpose- About Us


"I Heart Moose Life's mission is to shed light on things commonly discussed such as mental health, addiction, support, etc but to provide and introduce the proper resources to those in need of it."

Why did we decide to do this? We would like to bring awareness to our community about heart health and overall wellness. We create awareness content for our audience in hopes of providing resources to individuals in need, while inspiring them to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. 

I Heart Moose Life was created after the passing of our adored father Scottie Richardson, who suffered from a heart attack on January 12, 2009. (need dates of previous heart attacks) He was only 34 years old. Our father had three heart attacks before the fatal one. He was very young to have had those experiences.

His lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest. He was active, but only physically active at work. He also didn’t sleep much. There were so many things that played a part in his premature health decline.

To help spread awareness, we created custom products for supporters and anyone that would like to contribute to this mission. Please “Be Apart of the Mission” so we can continue to save more Moose.